Resolve Community Counseling Center

Founded in 1974, RESOLVE COMMUNITY COUNSELING CENTER is a private, nonprofit* mental health agency in Scotch Plains, New Jersey dedicated to providing quality and affordable counseling, advocacy and educational programs for children, adolescents and adults, individuals and families.
Resolve provides psychotherapy and counseling by psychologists, social workers, and mental health counselors for the people of Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Plainfield, and surrounding areas in Union County. Resolve provides evidence-based and effective care by highly trained and caring professionals. Resolve’s services are highly confidential and based the latest therapy research. Additionally, Resolve Community Counseling Center offers low-cost services on a sliding scale basis for those in need.

(908) 322-9180for an appointment
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Services are available in English and Spanish


We are hiring! In our ongoing effort to serve all those who seek our services, Resolve is looking for a few good part-time counselors:

- Fully licensed LPC or LCADC;

- Spanish-speaking counselor, MA, license preferred but not required;

- Drug and alcohol counselor – LCADC or CADC.

Positions are all part-time, flexible hours including weekends. Resolve provides a warm, supportive environment for our counselors as well as for our clients. If interested, please email Dr. Lidia Abrams at


Our highly accredited staff works with group programs, school intervention programs, employee assistance programs, family agency consortium, as well as individual and family counseling. Our clients’ concerns cover a wide range from substance abuse to depression, suicide, family problems, behavioral problems, eating disorders, panic attacks, to sexual abuse. Click here for more information.We provide counseling, psychotherapy, and psychological services for people from all social and economic backgrounds. We offer the most researched approaches for psychotherapy and counseling. Thisinclude cognitive behavior therapy, interpersonal therapy, family therapy, couples counseling, and rational emotive behavior therapy. Our fees are determined on a sliding scale basis,according toability to pay. We are, therefore, always appreciative of volunteer and financial support which is essential for us to maintain our current levelofhigh quality service.*Click to see Resolve’s Tax Exempt Certificate and IRS Certification

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Resolve counselors utilize Rational-Emotive and Cognitive Behavioral Techniques. These are modern adaptations of the stoic philosophers who discovered that emotional distress is more a function of perceptions of the here and now than of the past.  For example:

If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself but to your own estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.— Marcus Aurelius

For freedom is not acquired by satisfying yourself with what you desire, but by destroying your desire.— Epictetus

Consequently, Resolve works to help bring client’s beliefs into harmony with their actions, life challenges, and relationships. This method does not require a recapitulation of a person’s life to effect change. Instead it requires helping a person see that that they are indeed operating with irrational beliefs or dysfunctional cognitions. Once this is deeply accepted, the individual need only work on applying their newly found rational and reality-based cognitions onto their behaviors and life choices.

Resolve notes that the 2014 Noble prize for medicine was awarded to three psychologists for research into the means by which the brain records, retains, and processes a person’s location in physical space.  This award underscores the need for all psychological approaches to be based on science.  A psychologist or psychotherapist cannot treat people with methods that he or she simply “believes” in, unless that belief is derived from the best available evidenced based principles.  Psychotherapy must be held to the same standards as any health intervention.  It can only be an art when there is no available science to draw on.  The art comes in in the process of forming a therapeutic relationship and engaging the client, factors which have been shown to be major factors in the efficacy of therapy.  Resolve uses state of the art techniques along with the caring human factors which are so very important as well.