Working with Children At Resolve

Resolve Comarticle-2544745-1AE8B36600000578-554_154x115munity Counseling in working with children strives to utilize evidence based treatments.  That is the type of psychotherapy chosen to aid a particular child is that which is most appropriate for his or her problem and one that is based on the latest based research.  For example, very often girls with eating disorders will have elements of a borderline personality.  The most effective treatment for this is Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  If that is indicated to be appropriate for this child, psychotherapists will skills in that protocol will bechosen.  We are not satisfied with merely helping children feel better but determining the underlying problems in their personality, personal view of life, attitudes, and behaviors that need to be fundamentally changed to guide them to a better life.

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  1. Lidia Abrams, PhD

    I would like to encourage Everyone to use this blog. Community members, our counselors, past and current, as well as our school-based colleagues, please leave comments about the challenges our community faces, suggestions for coping with different mental health, substance-related, relationship-related issues. Find useful information in your readings, continuing education workshops? Post it here, share it and open it up for conversation!


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